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Information About Hayashi Sports Clinic

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Hayashi Sports Clinic

5435 Laurel St



Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Judo

Hayashi Sports Clinic is home to many multinatl champions at both elite and masters levels. The training is very hard and the quality of randori very high. Dr. Hayashi is a former collegiate natl champion of Japan and the school and instructors reflect this pedigree. Come learn Kodokan Judo with the best in New Orleans!

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Commment 1: JonOctober JUDOI started maatril arts at with Tae Kwon Do It was ok but had a lot of gaps in it with serious self defense Since I was in high school at the time I had plenty of opportunities to use it for self defense It helped some dont get me wrong but it wasnt the maatril arts package I wanted Since then I have sampled here and there trying to find a decent fit Ive tried Aikijiujitsu Submission Wrestling Jeet Kune Do Tai Chi Kickboxing etc So I have noticed that those that have a good full contact sparring method are some of the best to take Those that never do full contact sparring just dont provide enough complete self defense like the ligh contact sparring Tkd I took when I was I did come across a guy who was excellent in a particular style of Kung Fu The answer about the guy taking white eyebrow kung reminded me of that I must say this guys is probably dead on with what he is saying I think certain types of Kung Fu are some of the best overall deadly fighting systems they are But there is a price tag you pay for those skills they dont give those secrets out to anybody Plus it focuse on deadlymaiming techniques that are great but what about the times when you dont want to mess someone up badlyI am just looking to defend myself decently withouting maiming somebody for lifekilling them or get close to it I dont really want to go to prison over such things So Judo more of less fits that next rung or two down on the most powerful maatril arts in my view It definetlly gives you more of a control and restraint option which I like But at the same time it has some serious moves too like armbreaks chokes and slamsI think its kind of interesting that you mentioned it reminds you of professional wrestling and that is reason why you are interested I think the same way too I like pro wrestling as well Those Judo throws and moves are similar to pro wrestling moves It kind makes you feel like you are a pro wrestling shooter a pro wreslter with real grappling skills other than the show skills I do Backyard wrestling sometimes too and these moves would fit in there too When you find someone that shares a similar uncommon thought like that you have to share your thoughts with them to So I hear you on the pro wrestling side Q cant help you there Mine was like and got it from my teacher

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