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Information About Skokie Tae-kwon-do

MMA Schools Near 60076

Skokie Tae-kwon-do

4640 Oakton St

SKOKIE, IL 60076


Martial Arts: Taekwondo

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Commment 1: 0 friends1 reviewJulie T.
Skokie IL
I recently attended a tournament and witnessed the woman coach from Skokie Taekowndo throw a huge unsportsmanlike ranting and raving fit when one of her students did not get a first place trophy. Her tantrum went on and on and she made such a spectacle of herself that the police were called and the tournament came to a standstill. If you want your children to learn how to throw a fit and behave like a spoiled child when they dont win this is the place for you. They are an embarrassment to the sport of Taekwondo. I agree with Michael A.....RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can away from this horrible place!!
0 friends1 reviewMichael a.
Chicago IL
Run as fast as you can away from this place as it will kick you in the pocket and leave you completely defenseless...seriously. This is a joke. Your kids learn absolutely nothing for the belts they push you to purchase every two weeks. A kid started two days before testing for the belt and he was included and received purchased his new belt...seriously? I suppose it doesnt matter seeing that the kids learn absolutely nothing but the instructors bad habits..collecting money and shopping...classes were delayed waiting for instructor Terrys wife to get back from her usual shopping spree at expensive clothing stores. We always get the speech about how their son is a Who cares? Oh and tournaments they keep pushing you to pay for? Forget about it unless you want to be completely humiliated at your own expense...these people only care about the money....while your kids gets the ultimate beat down....

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