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Information About Frostbite Vale Tudo

MMA Schools Near 99701

Frostbite Vale Tudo

544 3rd Avenue


(907) 347-1116


Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA

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Dear SirMadam

all products are available now in New York.please contact on following address for 50 discount.

NY 11040
TEL 001 516 8580103

We are basic manufacturer and exporter of the following products

1. Judo Uniforms
2. Karate Uniforms
3. JuJutso Uniforms
4. Taekwando Uniforms
5. Boxing gloves
6. grappling gloves
7. Karate Mitts
8. Handwraps
9. MMA Gloves
10. Kick Pads
11. Focus Pads
12. Shin Pads
13. Head Guards
14. Chest Protector
15. Knee Guard
16. Ankel Guard
17. Boxing Schoes
18. Groin Guards
19. Mouth Guards
20. Protector
21. Kendo Uniforms
22. Kung Fu Uniforms
23. Ninja Uniforms
24. Martial Arts Belts
25. Canvas Uniforms
26. Boxing Gloves
27. Bag Mitt
28. Karate Mitt
29. Boxing Coaching Accessories
30. Balls
31. Swivels with Ball Bearing
32. Boxing Protection
33. Head Gear
34. Boxing Punching Bags
35. Karate Shoes
36. MMA Gloves
37. Shin Protection
38. Rash Guard Shirts
39. Fight Shorts
40. Vale Tudo Shorts
41. Kick Boxing Trousers
42. Sports Bags
43. Elasticized Protectors
44. Iron Stands
45. Weightlisting Gloves
46. Embroidery Patches
47. Celling Hooks
48. Wall Brackets
49. Wall Mount
50. All accessories of Martial Arts and MMA

you can contact us on our New York number or direct on Pakistan numbers.

thanks with the best wishes

Younas Rajpoot


Tel 0092 523 2536601
Fax 0092 523 253762

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