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Information About Round After Round Fitness Boxing

MMA Schools Near 38501

Round After Round Fitness Boxing

1615 Brown Avenue Suite 19A




Martial Arts: Boxing / Kickboxing

Boxing, Fitness Boxing

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Commment 2: i just wanted saya hrefhttpzqvcxpsxdqgcom thaknsa again to everyone at fighters source you guys are awsome and made me feel at home Im looking foward to working with you in the future Good luck to all fighters

Commment 3: Some states have a hrefhttprorhhvkucomadeotpda stricter requirements regarding this so it really depends on the state Illinois for instance requires a blood test as well as a physical and for the physical portion they can even require you to get an MRI before granting you a license and that is based on your age or if the doctor deems it necessary A fight physical prior to this was just an athletic physical and I know promoters that have agreements and contracts with certain physicians to give them a rate for doing one for any fighter they refer to them that needs it The cheapest I have seen was thirtyfive bucks which is cheaper than most office visits and seventyfive bucks is not that unusual for one Add to that the blood test that many states require that a lab will do for about the same price and a twentyfive buck license fee and it can cost you pretty quickly Add the cost of an MRI for two hundred to that and then the costs climb real fastThey check all the standard stuff blood pressure temp hernias resting respiration rate visual inspection of your limbs and joints and take a brief medical history and ask if you have any health problems like fainting light headiness or experienced any chest pains etc Illinois for any fighter amateur or pro age thirtyfive and over will require for an MRI to be done to get a license

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