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Information About United Martial Arts Center Body Mind Systems

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United Martial Arts Center Body Mind Systems

1005 Paradise Rd




Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido, Shaolin, Hapkido

A unique aspect of Body Mind Systems Training Centers the foundation of learning covers 8 Martial Arts. Body Mind Systems combines over 2000 years of knowledge, utilizing forms and movements developed by generations of martial art practitioners, to provide a comprehensive style of training. The diversity of knowledge, form and movement benefits and develops the human body in many different ways that are unique to Body Mind Systems.

Kung Fu Animals and Nature
Bagua Zhang Chi Cultivation
Tai Chi Internal arts
Kong Su Do External arts
Udo Jujitsu/Judo
Chin Na Aikido/Hapkido
Ship Pal Gye 18 Weapons
Kom Do Samurai Sword

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