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Information About Unseen Armor Academy

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Unseen Armor Academy

401 Court Street


910 915 3451

Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Taekwondo, Judo

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Commment 1: Both my children are enrolled at Unseen Armor Academy. Its only been a few months but my kids and I love Mrs. Christine and her martial arts program.

My daughter who is 3 is in the Little Samurai class. She is in speech therapy and since she started martial arts in March her speech therapist has noticed a big difference in her ability to concentrate. They get more work done and my daughter is now reaching her speech goals faster. My daughter who is a little on the chubby side has also slimmed down a bit and is more active because she practices at home almost every day. Which is also what has helped her get to her promotion test on Monday. After only being enrolled for 4 months. Mrs. Christine is amazing with the kids.

My son is 6 and started in the Little Samurai class in April he was very shy and lacked confidence. He started the Ninja class in June. He is now one of the highest ranking Ninjas. He is less shy around other children and new places and has a lot more confidence in himself.

Mrs. Christine help my children make such wonderful improvements on themselves academically and socially I couldnt be happier with the results weve seen in just a few short months. I cant wait to see what happens over the years.

Commment 2: Im the head instructor at Unseen Armor Academy. I was sad when I first came to Jacksonville because the dominant martial arts schools in the area were money hungry McDojos who were delivering poor quality instruction at premium prices. My martial arts school is different because I truly care about every single one of my students and because I am devoted to working hard every day to make sure my students have a school they can be proud of. I offer instruction at incredibly affordable prices because I want martial arts to positively effect others lives the way its positively effected mine.

If you are looking for a martial arts school I ask that you come try a free class with us and see the difference.

Commment 3: My son is in Little Samurais with Mrs. Christine and he loves it. We tried to get him involved in sports prior to this and he lost interest quickly. He was currently diagnosed with ADHD and martial arts has been a great resource for us. He has been going for six months or so and he loves it he is always very excited to learn and he enjoys Mrs. Christine. He has learned so much from this class including self control. Mrs Christine is a wonderful teacher she is very patient and provides a safe environment for children to learn. I am 100 satisfied with our experience this academy. The price is fantastic. I highly recommend this academy.

Commment 4: This is an overpriced day care and truly ever since Mrs. Christine left down town I could not continue. She had promised a lot yet delivered nothing but deceitful empty promises. Her beliefs are everyone can be a martial artist yet not everyone is one. She also has no real black belts and all the stories she says sound pleasing but coming from a man it would seem repulsive. If you truly want your child to learn the proper ways or the Martial arts please do yourself a favor and enroll them with someone that actually has experience in the martial arts. She says that she has been doing this for over 20 years yet she is 22. If you do the math this will not add up. Not every child can be a martial artest yet every child can be helped in different ways. She is a great day care and she if fantastic when praising the children making them feel good. If there is anything that I learned from Mrs. Christine is that if I take my time to love my child instead of paying someone to do it for me my child will benefit more from it.

Commment 5: Doesnt have a real Black Belt in anything? Whos teaching JiuJitsu at this place?

Commment 6: Well I stopped at this school and very unorganized. She does not have any honor or discipline she said she has been training for 20 years but she is 22. I been training in martial arts a little over 16 years and Im 21 so do the math I am being honest cause I believe in integrity when you go in ask for her creditials and if she cant show them to you them that proves my case. She said I wasnt a real black belt dishonored my friend and his wifes school and honestly how is that a good martial artist??? Im just saying in that case I rather yall go train at combat club even though they are fake at least they have

Commment 7: This facility no longer exists

Commment 8: Im the owner of the school Comment was written by someone who is spiteful because he was fired from the school Comment was written by an immature kid who clearly failed to learn the most important lesson in martial arts RESPECT I talked bad about your friend and his wife YEAH I do not support child predators and I will not apologize for that It makes me sick to my stomach that people bring their children around a man who cheated on his wife of years with A LITTLE GIRL AND GOT HER PREGNANT THEN HAD TO GET A DIVORCE I dont have credentials PLEASE Contact Great Grand Master Frank DeMaria Kung Fu Master David Bravo MMA Grand Master Ikwan Kim WTF TKD Carmine Zocchi BJJ Andrew Velez AGK Jujitsuand ask them who I am And those are JUST THE START I have been fortunate to learn from THE BEST and the reason my school is continuously exploding is because everyone can see it To comment yes we moved to a bigger location at Lejeune Blvd Back to Comment You should be ashamed of yourself Everyone CAN benefit from martial arts and I am incredibly proud of every single one of my students INCLUDING those with Autism and other severe disabilities I am so so sorry for your child who is disabled because obviously youre going to hold him back from being the best he can be In the end youre a year old corporal with a general court marshal who cant feed his kids and Im a successful year old who is positively impacting the lives of about children And I will continue to fight the good fight None of your reviews have even remotely hindered the growth and success of my school because everyone can see the hate that emulates out of you and everyone can see the love that emulates out of me

Commment 9: wow that was mature

Commment 10: holy crap you hired a child preditor who cheated on his wife why would you allow someone who did that to teach in your dojo youre dojo is giving mma in the area a bad name

Commment 11: Funny cause last i checked i didnt do no such thing one i didnt cheat on my wife she cheated on me two i cant have kids cause i got injured in combat oh yea when your husband was in combat you were cheating on him and got married in one day three i divorced cause my martial arts career was going down the drain cause of my ex wife and i had to choose to either leave her or continue my dream and wait isnt your grandmaster a child molester isnt he still in jail right nowobviously you have me confused with your uncle and we called your people you dont have any records no certificates nothinghow could i get fired if i refused your offer and your Martial Arts cant cure cancer your a fake and everyone knows it its only a matter of time before your exposed

Commment 12: I knew it You are a fake and you cheated on your husband by having adult contact at your school after the children were gone and it was not your husband Now you are in florida cause you had to run away from all the drama you caused Good luck down there and please dont give anyone down there the chlamydia that you have and possibly herpies You are a martial arts joke and you left children high and dry especially by giving them a false since of pride with there fake martial arts Parents please go any where else even on base and see that there are real martial artist in the area Good luck and God speed

Commment 13: I heard she slept with many of the students fathers and is a home wrecker

Commment 14: Well you know what they say you cant turn a hoe into a housewife and so what does that say about martial artist LOL good riddance

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