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Information About Mission Viejo Taekwondo

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Mission Viejo Taekwondo

23162 Los Alisos Blvd Ste 104



Martial Arts: Taekwondo

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Commment 1: I dont think ignorance enblaes guilt but shes only in grade Have mercyIve been there I spend a lot of time translating for coworkers and three words in Korean I now understand why when I first got here people would translate a long phrase in a word or two A lot of what people say in Korean doesnt really apply in English Uh they would like to know if you have eaten a delicious lunch and whether they can have a couple of chairs Of course it goes the other way tooIts much better just to keep it succinct just for everyones sanity

Commment 2: Wow I hear ya Weight is a constant a hrefhttpklvcmzwccomstgrgulea for me I competed at a tkd tournament last week and to prep for it I went off sugar and soda for weeks That was the only change I made to my diet and I lost pounds Now Im trying to compromise eating sugar only on weekends I think its all about finding a balance Im not a huge health nut But you need to eat well enough to be healthy and be able to function but still need to enjoy life Sounds like youre seeking that balance Good luck

Commment 3: at first glance thats what caguht my eye his shirt It just didnt mesh with what Ive experienced on the path One of the very first things that goes away early on in meditation and definitely by the time I was experiencing jhanas is that idea in my head that I need to act or be a certain way for other people To consider what I was wearing any longer than the second it takes to pull my drawer open and grab a shirt wouldnt have any point theres no thought required in that decision arm reaches in pulls out shirt it goes on body and no more thought goes into it Theres no point in concerning yourself with such things A shirt is a shirt is a shirt Doesnt matter if Im going to exercise or going to eat at a restaurant Doesnt matter if Im going to meet Oprah or JesusDid you see his shirt Lol I assumed he picked his own shirt out and maybe wrongly Like I said someone could have dressed him up and made him play the role that the audience wanted to see him in That happens Would an enlightened person go to a store and buy the shirt he wore that time I saw him No Not in my experience it would be beyond possible As a person moves closer to enlightenment there is a lessening of the ego of the self of ideas that appearance means anything at all Appearance meaning anything comes from society not within Would an enlightened person wear a shirt someone gave him or asked him to wear for the show Maybe yes maybe no Did anyone write about the amazing skunk fur coat that the Buddha wore after his enlightenment Yeah he paraded that thing up and down the village paths like he was working the catwalk I wonder why they didnt write about that Do I think hes not enlightened because of his shirt No not just because of his shirt its a piece of data that didnt make sense to me What about your shirt I can see that looks like a NICE black shirt who were you impressing with that shirtIs it in my mind that an enlightened person should act dress or follow specific paths or talk a certain way no and yes Ive not met anyone enlightened before Ive looked Cannot find Ive really looked Cannot find Those that I know that have meditated and experienced jhanas or other absorption seem to not care one way or another about how they look to the rest of mankind Does that conflict with your experienceIf we ever see an enlightened person he wont be on Operah in a silky shiny shirt talking about his new book In my mind that is the truth lolhahaha Sorry having fun with this as I said and you chose to ignore there were other reasons I didnt believe strongly in his experience but I just dont care enough to write book length comments about it If I offended you so sorry If you dont get the humor in it no worries I shouldnt poke fun at the subject because many people take it very seriously I dontWhy are you looking down in your gravatar Ive never seen a photo like that does it mean something What are you looking at What was the intent of a photo like that Just curious Thanks for writing I found your questions interesting Vern httpixynxncpamcom urlhttpkkxtmwocomkkxtmwourl linkhttpchrslriutwccomchrslriutwclink

Commment 4: It sounds like your life is very full and you are so a hrefhttpghiymdahevcomactviea The vacation in FL sounds promising All I can add though is to take the time to spend quiet time with the Lord That will give you true rest for your soul Believe me Ive learned that the hard wayBlessingsDebbie

Commment 5: I actually did part of that yeseardty I had a rough conversation with someone yeseardty and a busy day at work some changes going on that affect our department and so I was stressed and tired I chose to go ahead with my workout and was glad that I did I felt better httpbhsbvqcom urlhttpbvatiozvcombvatiozvurl linkhttpzdqqoiucomzdqqoiulink

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