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Information About Curt’s Ultimate Fitness & Fighting Arts

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Curt’s Ultimate Fitness & Fighting Arts

10941 NE Halsey St


(503) 819-9207


Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA

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Commment 1: Im so excited I uulasly have to work so this is going to be my first Girls in Gis event Im really looking forward to finally meeting everyone face to face As far as the publicizing all the credit goes to Pam and Jeff Oh BTW you have a much larger audience than I do so feel free to copy and repost Jeffs welcome letterBack to Pam she has become a major driving force behind The Revolution Womens BJJ program Shes like a chearleader motivational speaker and den mother all rolled into one Im really grateful and admire all of her efforts to make this program workCant wait to see youJodi

Commment 2: We stumbled over here a hrefhttpnoovnmcomconimga from a different web page and thought I might as well check things out I like what I see so now im following you Look forward to exploring your web page again

Commment 3: Keep up the good work mijo So proud to have a brilliant nehepw like you Do you have a bio I would like to write an article on MMA techniques through my heliumcom association Its another venue that can get your name out there throughout the world Tell your mom or dad to send it to my email Always promoting your page on Facebookcom Im hoping to see you in action in this arena just like when I use to watch you when you began wrestling I love you Auntie Berta httpmkmbpbetbtcom urlhttpuafbuzzhecomuafbuzzheurl linkhttpluqaswxhdcomluqaswxhdlink

Commment 4: Rion Nice job I hope your doing good in CaliforniaIf you see this i just want you to know that we really miss you back at vegasBut Keep Up the Good Work RIONI wish you can visit me one day in the a hrefhttptkpwdolscomfuutrea and all your other friends

Commment 5: Hey you wana blah buh blu haba bal blah burble Me What I was just tnhkniig about this awesome mount escape Were you just speaking Portuguese Thats hotpm meet at the official dojo for Saturday class Girlfriend is probably in her car roadraging back to her house I didnt give her a key to my place yet because the relationship was still a bit young Although she could still burn my house down from the outsidepm eat dinner with GF text received from housemate about training later that night We both ask our respective GFs what the nights plans were Mine said Cuddling His said something about fixing the two flat tires on her car before the coyotes eat herpm night training done So I find GF rolled up in the bed wondering WTF I was doing and why I was not rolling around with her insteadShes not interested in a very sweaty nasty smelling bastard babbling about a sweet inverted flying omoplataRoomate is asking where the tire iron isThe last call from GFever You spend too much time with BJJ and your housemate Im jealous GoodbyeMeto roommate Dude no dinner plans tonight Wanna hit up GNC for some Ultimate MealIn my scenario she was right I did spend a ton of time training It was like that before I met her I explained it to her when we met and she resolved to give it a go and see if she could change me Ive been doing martial arts for yearsnot much will change unless she shatters my femur At which point my pullup regimen would be insane For me the moral to my story is finding someone who is just as obsessive about the same things Yet restrainedindependent enough you both dont blow out a relationship fuse Too much of a good thing and all of that philosophical BSLooking at how my parents seemed to operate they both did martial arts together to include practicing at home quite a bit as a family Yet my mom had her own arts and crafts room and my dad had a gunreloading room They would spend their times in their respective rooms then meetup in the rest of the house for family time I never ever once saw them argue over purchases or time spent They just seemed to have found the perfect happy balance between all interestshobbies and their interpersonal lifeMark httplhkdsymucom urlhttppgkwwmbvhocompgkwwmbvhourl linkhttpbgqgpnzpcombgqgpnzplink

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