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Information About Colorado Fight Factory

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Colorado Fight Factory

6160 Lakeshore Court - Colorado




Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA

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Commment 1: RE Fight Factory Colorado Springs
Wow THE worst business experience I have ever encountered. How these guys are still in business is obscene. These guys are exactly what true athletes dont want in the MMA world. I was already warned about this place before my arrival yet warnings were far under stated. Upon my arrival to this brand new gym that was already filthy and unattended I was greeted by nothing but the stench. There had to be at least 40 plus fighters in the dirt hole. Not one of which stated a greeting or even smiled. I walked around freely and watched what lack there of a structure was going on. There was no instruction and have no idea if there was even an instructor present. Guys were sparring and waiting in line to be next and in the back a group free rolling. the place was noisy and unwelcoming. After 20 minutes of watching I found out by my own reconnaissance that the owner was outside smoking a cigaret which when finally met im sure was ciga weed. I waited another 10 minutes before the so called owner walked in and waddled by me to his office after being dismissed as a dirty towel on the floor. I continued to watch a kid no older than 20 years old relatively new to the sport get the crap kicked out of him for 6 minutes before he could no longer continue. I finally noticed the owner standing in front of his office and walked up to greet him as he was obviously too busy to greet a potential student that has been training for 6 years. As I introduced my self and stated I was interested in pricing and schedules despite I had already made my mind up I would never be caught in this group of thugs he stated did you see the number on the front just call that number I could not believe what I encountered it was worse than cobra Kai in the Karate Kid. This place was surely a disgrace to the MMA community and would wish this place upon nobody

Commment 2: thats a pile of bullshit. u were probly that kid gettin ur ass whooped. tryna bad talk the gym now cuz ur 6yrs. of training at ballys didnt cut it. ur n idiot....

Commment 3: This school is a joke. Exactly what the first commentor posted.

Commment 4: In their defense... The Fight Factory was really more of a fight club back then than it was a gym for new comers. The focus was definitely the pro team which then and has continued to be the most competitive and successful team around. The gym was not for everyone nor designed to be... you werent the first to be scared off.

Commment 5: The Fight Factory is still around but now operating in the right capacity. Although always a great team the coaches should have never been in the gym business managing members and what not. Maybe like a year ago the manager of one or some of the athletes opened a new gym called Altitude MMA that he and his crew run and is the new home of Team Fight Factory. Kinda the best of both worlds now. Got the coaches not worried about running the gym but on the success of the team. Ive been there recently and its hard to argue the legitimacy of it now. Heck I just saw the gym on HDNet friday night on Inside MMA. May be worth another look. Their website is

Commment 6: Yes I heard about such things from my brother who told me not to come here due to it being a wreck and loves altitude mma and the ppl there

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