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Information About Deadgame Fight School

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Deadgame Fight School

4549 St. Augustine


(904) 982-0099


Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA

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Commment 1: I think Ive pretty much mengaad to blog at least once a week since give or take the odd trip abroad The only thing that would stop me blogging as much as Id like are the random errors that have been popping up this year Ie sometimes happens when I try to publish or edit a post which is annoying Looking forward to your new posts

Commment 2: BJJ is indeed a hrefhttphglyuckozacomawsmoeea although if I was honest Id probably have to say that on balance it hasnt made me more healthy I was already doing martial arts before I switched purely to BJJ even five years in BJJ is still less than of my total training so I couldnt claim to have had a dramatic weight loss or jump in fitnessInjuries are probably a bit better though so thats an improvement So far in BJJ Ive never injured myself badly enough that I couldnt train at all which is great Before BJJ there were two long periods off training due to injuries which were harder to train around as I was doing a striking style Even though Ive had a few injuries that took a couple of months to heal like my knee and currently my neck I can still get on the mat and roll I just have to avoid certain positionstechniques and pick my partners carefully Lifestylewise BJJ is important to me in that it is easily my favourite hobby I think its more immersive than many other martial arts There is a particularly vibrant and intelligent online community in BJJ especially compared to the obscure kickboxingkungfu thing I did before Zhuan Shu Kuan which almost nobody even recognises let alone discusses so thats made a big difference

Commment 3: Nice I hadnt seen that scale before Very funnyI think Im with you in the same boat Except mine may be genittg swamped and capsizing I feel the same way as you when my attention towards bjj wanes And my training has been on the declineI have found it becomes easier and easier to stay away from the gym the longer youve been away Excuses in my head are much easier to accept if I have already accepted them the previous daysGoing to the gym genittg good tiring rolls in definitely gives me something to point at and feel good about I dont know what makes it so hard to seek out the feeling each dayI too have no life so I really have no reason not to be going which makes it even worseThanks for the postSteve httpyrcqxfxcom urlhttphemmzeecomhemmzeeurl linkhttpchheggpklicomchheggpklilink

Commment 4: Nice workI gained lbs last week but I think its water Exercise C I tnreaid BJJ every day except Friday and Saturday but didnt make it to the regular gym as I usually do MF for an hour of crossfit because of a sudden explosion in a work project Drinks A all water lemonade with splenda or iced tea without sugar Food B all gluten free and dairy free except some fried chicken tenders and french fries yesterday for dinner Also stayed at or under calday httparlpqubvjcom urlhttpwdvkllhitnecomwdvkllhitneurl linkhttpyaxczrtcomyaxczrtlink

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