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Information About Okinawa Karate

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Okinawa Karate

425 Appian Way



Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: Hi thereTheres lots of factors that can efceft how long it takes to get a black belt Your ability and how long you train Your club and organisation that it belongs These days its hard to attract adults to train and most clubs only seem to be interested in teaching children This really isnt what martial arts is all about and the results can be quite damaging Train at an established dojo There are some very well run private dojos around but beware Some are run at the expense of the student It took me years to get my st Dan in wado due to a money making owner The syllabus Karate has a lot of forms and you will need to know all the pinan Katas plus the advanced ones for the higher kyu grades You will also need knowledge of ippons kihons oyhos and tanto dori plus the basic kihon wazaTo be a solid Karate black belt with good ability to instruct afterwards i would say at least years training twice a weekThere are easier ways but you would only be cheating yourself and good instructors and students will always be able to tell how just how good you really areRegardsidai

Commment 2: This has been asked a million times Its aa hrefhttpqsmvmscom coommna misconception that one style can beat another You will get people saying Karate could beat Kung Fu or the other way round or theyll say BJJ could beat everything if theyre MMA meat heads The reality is that it depends on the fighter and it depends on the trainingKarate and Kung Fu were both made for actual fighting Kung Fu is Chinese and developed from the Feudal infighting in China Karate is Okinawan Japanese now and was developed from Kung Fu for Okinawan peasants to defend themselves against the JapaneseKung Fu is an overarching term for many many styles some are more effective than others Modern Wushu is more flashy traditional Shaolin is less so SandaSanshou is essentially kickboxing with throws It usually involves hand and foot striking elbow and knee strikes joint manipulation and throwswrestling and will also involves forms It sometimes uses weapons The philosophy in Kung Fu tends to be softer and more circular by rotating body parts you gain more power and also can redirectKarate also has many styles within it again some are more effective than others It mostly involves hand foot elbow and knee strikes with forms or kata with some styles also teaching grappling locks joint manipulation and throws The philosophy in Karate is more linear which is not to say it doesnt utilise rotation to gain power However it remains very much rooted using the legs to supply the power for punches and kicks I would mention Ive done a total of months of Karate so my knowledge is more limitedId recommend going to a few classes checking out which style looks better taught and which one you like the look of more Remember both of these styles are very traditional so youre going to need to keep at it for a long time to get good Its very rewarding though

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