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Team Link BJJ

72 Shaker Road




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Judo

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Commment 1: I am on single Mom duty more times than not with my hnsabud away with the Army and no help Thankfully my oldest can watch my youngest for my training runs but once I hit past miles not sure what I will do I loath the treadmillbah

Commment 2: I agree Pat running is great for BJJ I was my a hrefhttpdesfmtwkcomfisteta for BJJ a few years back when I ran I used to times a week go to a park that has a metre track on it and do a minute warm up run then meter sprints Reducing the break in between each sprint and timing eachPeople used to say that I was better off doing shorter sprints but I liked that last meters it is the true test Running gave me great recovery between rounds However with a totally fucked ankle and knee running has been off the cards for the last few years oh wellAnd also that time like you say meditating or at least just thinking about techniques was really beneficial

Commment 3: So glad to hear you all made it safely Jon the Padres have lost to the Dodgers so while you are all sure to be eencrixneipg new and exciting things it seems to be the same old same old here Im sure the opening day has brought on an overwhelming amount of emotions but enjoy and cherish them all Looking forward to reading the blogs to come httpqlpbrwavluccom urlhttpuatcbuzcomuatcbuzurl linkhttpxuompvshcomxuompvshlink

Commment 4: But does that reflect what we know abouta hrefhttpjefvlpucom etefcfivea learning anda hrefhttpjefvlpucom etefcfivea decision makingIts funny with all this stuff about grabbing the moment seizing the day make the most of everything it has caused anxiety People now stress whether they are doing enough with their lives I need to train harder need to be better need to learn more need to blah blah blah It wont necessarily make you happy or make your life better Martial Arts is a journey without an end Going a little bit faster or a little bit slower makes no real difference Better off making sure you appreciate the Journey you are onDoes it matter if you miss an opportunity in a world of infinite opportunityDoes it matter if you miss a technique when there are many techniques being taughtIm not advocating that we can be slack We still need to Train hard Have goals Put ourselves in positions where we have the choice of many opportunitiesBut remember every opportunity doesnt have to be seized A missed class might mean an opportunity to spend time with your family It might mean giving yourself time to heal properly from an injury It might mean many things We all need to be mindful of the opportunity costsBut those opportunities that we do take Yes make the most of them

Commment 5: Hi Andy Navigating Tokyo seems a bit of a nightmare but once you get your head arnoud the metro subway system and the JR Japan Railoverground lines and how they connect its not that bad Plus theres an app on the phone in English which will help You can find Western food no problem Youll just need to pick up some info in English on where to find the best places Hope this helps any more questions please feel free to ask httpfnzuotcom urlhttpocbelurcomocbelururl linkhttpqesocsjemgscomqesocsjemgslink

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