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Information About Loupakis Karate School

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Loupakis Karate School

19215 Station Rd



Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: I did train at this school for 7 yeara and its is now closed. MMA Is not all about mixed martial arts it is about training and conditioning your body to the point where you feel comfortable enough to fight and suceed with your style or technique. You dont have to know brazillian jui jitsu to be an MMA fighter you just have to have balance flexility stamina and power. Believe me i never learned brazilian jiu jitsu to know how to fight i just adapted my style to the point to where my taekwondo and kickboxing would keep an oppenent far enough to lay a beating beyond belief. No one ever had the chance to submit me who knew how to wrestle. Two feet too close led to two feet down under my body with a heel to the mouth. A full split can take Six months to achieve one that is done train your flexibility. A kick to the face is inevidible once this is achieved. A take down is a thing of the past.

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