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Information About Vero Beach Karate Association

MMA Schools Near 32960

Vero Beach Karate Association

1946 Wilbur Ave



Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: I have been Training at this School for over 23 Years now and In my opinion Its probably the one of the best Schools youll See in a long time. The staff are very nicerespectable people and know how to make you work up a sweat. And They Also Have Jiujitsu And Judo as well So you will know what to do when it happens. And if you think this is a Mcdojo well....WRONG!! I know the signs of one and there legit. Theyve Been Around for 2030 Years. It is continuous Sparring. Exept for tournaments. we compete with TaeKwonDo people they do point sparring. But Seriouslyit take alot Of bloodsweatand tears and a Lot of dedication to truly experience the school. When you have been there for at least 23 years. It really feels like a 2nd Family that teaches you to beat the crap out of a guy. Im Cole Chamness Im 14 and A 1st Kyu brown belt in Karate and Jiujitsu took me almost 4 years for the belt. But its not the belt. Its the ExperienceStrength and Wisdom you gain on the way. That is only a few of many things my school stands for. That is VBKA.

Commment 2: Oh sorry for typos about some numbers some may look like 23 years but I mean 2 to 3 years and when it says 2030 I mean 20 to 30 Years. And sorry about Mashed words This thing doesnt take Commas or dashes or apostrophes so yeah. That clears it up.

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