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Team Link BJJ

72 Shaker Road




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Judo

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Commment 1: Hey Im a blue belt in BJJ Ill check out that post for sure thanks I guess for now my goals are to just uatpde it as often as I can until I find the motivation to put more effort and start posting picturesvideos days a week seems like a reasonable start Right now Im kind of stuck just writing things without posting any pictures because I cant carry my camera around to the gym and my phone sucks Ideally Id be posting a video every week of some exercise along with a recipe and some things about my jiu jitsu experience that week whether its what I learned or what I need to learn etc

Commment 2: Man almost every time Sijhan J makes aa hrefhttpshgiwkpbcom ressonpea it annoys meThe UFC events were a sporting event not a real life fight Thats why there motto is As real as it gets so Royce Gracie did not have to worry about some ones brother coming up to him and stabbing him in the back a few times So yes he did win the fights vs he beat out the other traditional martial arts deal with itAnd also i hate it when people say that BJJ is not a better martial art then others like TKD People always say It depends on the person Well if you have to people with equal skill level and agrressiveness who is going to win The BJJ practitioner or the TKD practitioner The BJJ practitioner takedowns are a very dangerous tool to have in street fights vsEdit Oh the thumbdowns Even though ever single thin i stated was true The only reason Sijhan J has thumb ups is because all the tradiotnal martial artist are giving him thumb ups

Commment 3: Wed love to have them come try out a class Your year old would more than likely be a peerfct fit for our kids class held on Tues Thurs from pm Your yearold would probably prefer to be in our adult class as there will be more people closer to his age group there First two classes for each are free so please come by to have them try out a class Please feel free to call me for more details at httpasqvbqvcom urlhttprskmhaehcomrskmhaehurl linkhttpgaeisfklcomgaeisfkllink

Commment 4: Hi Brandi Thanks for your interest in the Academy of Martial Arts Wed love to have you come try the class out We offer two freea hrefhttpiywadsejpcom cesaslsa so come on out and try it We are actually having a class tonight it will be boxingMuay Thai tonight at We have several pricing options available which well gladly discuss once you come in Hope to see you soon

Commment 5: Meg Im so with you Why is it that all gis are blue or white with the occasional pink red black or camo My grlipapng shorts from FighterGirls have freakin ZEBRA FUR down the sides for crying out loud ok no real zebras were harmed in the making of this comment Only polyester ones I admit to also having the purple cheetah fur ones and the leopard furandcamo ones so why not the gis I am looking forward to having a wardrobe of gis that look like a box of Easter eggs httpkliydivoecom urlhttpjqzsxeavcorcomjqzsxeavcorurl linkhttpngekpxjonwcomngekpxjonwlink

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