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Information About Kyokuyama Karate

MMA Schools Near 33135

Kyokuyama Karate

2141 Sw 1st St

MIAMI, FL 33135


Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: Osu! If you are looking to get fit learn selfdefense and get serious about fullcontact karate this is the place.

Kyokushin is one of the best forms of selfdefense as it incorporates the best of other forms of martial arts and includes very rigorous training along with discipline. If youre a wimp and dont like sweating getting thrown around and getting bruised dont sign up as this is not for you. I am considered to be kind of rough so I like it and dont mind the bruising. I wear my bruises with pride as a testimony of my effort.

At Kyokuyama you will quickly feel like family among the friendly students as well as the instructor Shihan Guzman. There is no arrogance here only a desire to learn and help others improve while understanding that learning is a neverending journey. Shihan Guzman is very polite and enjoys sharing many stories either before or after class as class is strictly for learning. Several of his children are at the school and they are all as friendly as he is.

It is very rare to find a Kyokushin dojo but it is especially hard to find a place where everyone is friendly and treats you like a member of their family. You never have to feel awkward about training with the black belts or asking them for help as they are more than happy to do so. They will even work with you after class if you need more preparation for your belt test. The good thing about this school is that you will practice your technique and fight kumite with people of all ages ranks genders and sizes.

The prices here are very competitive especially considering all the learning taking place and the schedule is so ample from morning to late in the evening even on Saturdays that it is hard to truly be unable to make it to class.

There are both male and female students although I wont lie to you there are only a handful of females but if you think the men will treat you any differently from them just because youre female think again. They are very respectful but they wont underestimate your strength or patronize you. Their goal is to push you and make you as strong as they are so that eventually you will become immune to pain. Im tired of always being treated like a dainty delicate girl just because I am short and so feminine so I welcome this change as I enjoy being treated like a true equal.

The dojo also has classes for children as young as 5. Kyokuyama is truly a rare gem in Miami and I am truly glad to have become a member. Youre welcome to stop by and check out our dojo. You can also try it out if you like. Ask Shihan Guzman for one trial session free of charge.

Commment 2: I love game days My boys also enjoy them It always sueirpsrs me how much they light up and how free they become during our time gaming with them

Commment 3: I read the Sendokan article with great iseertnt I started Yoshinkan with Sensei Harrison and was privileged enough to be graded to Yudansha level by him I have since left England and lived in Asia and the US but what Sensei Harrison and all the Sendokan students gave me has remained my greatest Aiki gift a good solid core that stands up anywhere in any style you may practiceHaving visited many dojos and trained with many great people around the world wherever I may be I can safely say that my time with Sensei Harrison and his longtime senior students such as Tom John Brian Simon and Rod amongst others is sorely missed and sometimes the emphasis is on soreI strongly recommend anyone living within an hours drive to go and check out this Dojo and anyone visiting LondonEngland even for a short time to visit things are guaranteed A very warm welcome A good honest but tough session A drink at the pub right afterFrancis Blackmore httpvppvnwycom urlhttptiaxecmqzrcomtiaxecmqzrurl linkhttppipdknluycompipdknluylink

Commment 4: JulImpact MMA Fitness Your article makes a lot of sense of how you a hrefhttpkawnqzkecomspearda it out strength training is important but by far the most important conditioning of any fighter is aerobic and anaerobic conditioning The best conditioning for your endurance is sparring whether its grappling or standup but then you get hurt Its a changing puzzle Very informative site Thanks

Commment 5: Your wedding pictrue is gorgeous and Im super impressed that you know how to router The frame is great and I love the color We live in Florida but Im a midwest girl and I really miss snow httpopampauhcom urlhttplwubayvoccomlwubayvocurl linkhttphytcqhdcomhytcqhdlink

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