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Information About Combat Club

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Combat Club

925 N. Marine Blvd


910 616 9592


Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

Affiliated with Jawbreaker promotions, Saulo Ribiero BJJ, United States Muay Thai Association.Training full time MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai fighters.

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Commment 1: Fully matted main roon regulation size boxing ring traditional martial arts room weight room for conditioning semi outdoor Muay Thai gym and play area for children. Several onsite NAGA MMA and Muay Thai champions. Certified instructors in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu MCMAP Muay Thai Krav Maga boxing wrestling TKD Judo.

Commment 2: I have trained at 3 different martial arts centers since age 13 and tried out probably about 4 others. Wrights extreme martial arts Rapid Fitness kruel malitia and the combat club. The combat club is the absolute worst gym I have ever trained at I had gotten better training at wrights extreme martial arts who started primarily as a KARATE school. The price per month is ridiculous as well as the admission fee to just get in? They ll tell you the bare minimum just to get you to sign their contract and if you even wanted to cancel you contract they charge you another 250 dollars??? even if its because you say combat club sucks and you don t want to train there anymore. And they pride themselves on having all these awesome people that train the students but non of which impress me. Wrights is the way to go. Much better business ethics and training environment. I happen to know two of the combat clubs best fighters got started there anyway

Commment 3: It is great that we can get the credit loans and it opens up completely new chances.

Commment 4: Combat Club Martial Arts students are allowed to compete in Martial Arts events unlike comment number twos students who are not allowed to compete for safety reasons.

Commment 5: Combat is the only place in Jacksonville North Carolina with certified Kru Muay Thai instructors.

Commment 6: again wow! James Wright here owner of Wrights karate and former owner of Wrights mma now Mid atlantic mma with Rick Screetom comment 1 I believe is true. Comment two... insane. true some of instructors and owners of combat club started with me false that we charge 250 to cancel contract and we have programs from daily mat fees to three year programs Im guessing Combat Club does too it is an industry standard. I think both schools tuition is below national average. I know we are. comment 3 I dont understand credit loans for martial art school? both schools have students compete from white belt to black belt so I dont get comment number 4 either. comment number 5 is not true I am certified Kru Muay Thai and so is Rick Screeton and so is another school. I know because that Kru used to work for me. Again like the reviews on my school just crazy. Go to the schools and look for your self. One happy or one mad customer does not make the school.

Commment 7: Sensei Wright neither you nor Rick Screetom are recognized Kru Check the Kru Muay Thai Association website thankyou

Commment 8: Man this sight just proves online reviews are worthless you have a guy that thinks a day notice to cancel is unreasonable the owner of another school trying to mooch some free advertisement most of the other reviews dont even make any sense

Commment 9: comment number wrong again you look under one website and that list all Kru instructors ever the stupidity of these comments are unbelievable My instructor is Brandon Burton he promoted me His instructor is Vince Soberano fight name is Vince Soberano Kaewsamrit Vince authorized promotion after being sent my fight workout and teaching videos I dont know nor do I care if it is on the internet anywhere If it is that important to anyone stop by and see the certificate or call Brandon Burton he has a school outside of Chicago Rick I dont know where his kru came from but again dont care he knows his stuff You absolutely cannot trust reviews on internet Most of the time it is competitors bashing each other Go to the different schools and train at the one that fits you There are dozens and dozens of Muay Thai associations and jiu jitsu and every other style It is complete stupidity to rate someones qualifications over the association they dont belong to Ask who has the best team fight record how many actual fight titles the school has not from there own venue how high has the top fighters gone We have had legit title holders from real venues Over students have gone pro zero competitors in this region can boast that record but check us all out then go where you fit best

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