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Information About Aztec Athletics

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Aztec Athletics

438 Decatur Highway




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Taekwondo, Kempo

Mixed Martial Arts classes for children or adults taught by professional fighter Sasuke Zapata in Gardendale, AL. Classes focus on a mixture of all styles, with heavy emphasis on Bruce Lees Jeet Kun Do, and nogi Jiu Jitsu.

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Commment 1: I am a student at aztec athletics mma and tht is a great place to learn mma we r lik family and helps every one out if u dnt know how to do something we always hang out and go to fights we have a fantastic team and trainer so if ur really thnk u got wat it takes to be a fighter come on up and see wat u got

Commment 2: This place is good nuff said

Commment 3: I want to fight!!!

Commment 4: YESSSS!! I would really love to join aztec athletics mma! really mainly for kickboxing! im fantastic at kickboxing well ii got the heart to be a kickboxer! please call me or email me!
ps calling would help much better t5han email! thanks..


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