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Information About Burke & Betancourt Tae Kwon Do

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Burke & Betancourt Tae Kwon Do

220 Nw 6th St



Martial Arts: Taekwondo

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Commment 1: Great great school. trained here up to my red/black! Thanks Kevin!

Commment 2: Would have come back if Id known you dumped that creep from Sacramento. Axle was right Tim Keller is a child molester.

Commment 3: No wonder he always creeped people out. The guy was just strange. His teaching was total BS too. At camp you could tell he just made stuff up as he went along. My brother and I moved to Portland and train there now. Keller didnt know squat as far as taekwondo. We showed our new instructor what we had learned from before and he said that it was not any form of taekwondo hed ever seen and hes been doing martial arts for over 30 years. Guess we all got screwed huh? Yup Tim Keller was definately a con artist.

Commment 4: Yeah Kellers still around. Hes still doing DeMarco last I heard. At least shes legal now. Shes 22 and hes like twenty years older then her. Gross!

Commment 5: Wow interesting comments for an MMA school!!!!! OK Im interested. I checked out this keller guy and found he has a school in Sacramento. He has a AAA rating on the BBB and is an upstanding member of the Chamber of commerce. The plot thickens. I called the school and got a Chris Bellah. Chris said they have 200 students and hes been with keller for over 5 years. Then I check out the area where his school is and found that almost all the other karate schools have gone out of business except kellers. So I called again and got a Michelle Demarco she told me the same info as chris. Also that there are several students that have been with keller for more than 10 years. Now Im not from Sacramento but I cant find anything but positives about this keller guy. It sounds like you people are just HATERS. Also why is this MMA school trashing people from Sacramento. Now I need to do some research on this Kevin guy.
Skip W.

Commment 6: Oh my god!!!! This Kevin Burke is a convicted pedophile. Hes on the news for Oregon pleading guilty to sex crimes. I urge all to look him up and see for yourself. I also checked the criminal records and he was released on probation. I live in Oregon and we have a sex offender karate instructor in grants pass. Now it all makes sense as to why Kevin keeps all this stuff up about keller. It must be to shift the focus off himself. This is to you Kevin stay away from my kids.

Commment 7: April 212012 I knew Chris Bellah when he was working at the old Pinkys Classic Grille in Rio Linda. I was at the Oak Tree Diner when he molested a 16 year old girl that worked there. He ran like hell when her dad and a couple of his good ol boy buddies showed up looking for him. I still laugh my butt off when I think back about it. Keller owned the Grille and lied his ass off to cover for Bellah. A short time later Pinkys and Kellers martials arts school got evicted from the shopping center for nonpayment of rent and failure to pay maintenance fees to the owners. Not much of a business man far as Im concerned. I figure that the above comments 5 and 6 are probably posted by Keller or Chris. Still no integrity. Burke? Who knows who cares. Keller and his people flakes. Oh yeah Oak Tree Diner is still there and going strong!

Commment 8: Kevin Burke has been convicted of child sex offenses Multiple counts in fact Thats why he has people call him Kevin Gunn now He is a creep and a half I know him and do not trust him

Commment 9: Im curious on where you got the information on Kevin Burke being a convicted pedophile I have searched the internet and cannot find anything verifying that fact However I have heard the rumors regarding this and I want to know for sure one way or another because I do know him Please post your sources

Commment 10: Dont know about Burke but do know Keller He is a creepy dude Plus Demarco is calling herself Michelle Keller on Facebook Hes like fifty and shes twenty six Shes been his um protege since she was like twelve Creepy people Id steer clear of all of them

Commment 11: Keller taught Burke everything he knew about Tae kwon do Burke grew up and figured out Keller was full of BS and all the crap he learned from Keller was useless Burke has since moved on to a real teacher and no longer has anything to due with Keller

Commment 12: When did all of this go down Im so confused and curious I trained there and only got to my orange belt before moving When I do Master Burke he seemed like he had a troubled past and shared some with his older students mostly family drama and from having a shared business with Betancourt folks but I never got the impression he was a sex offender I suppose I could be wrong When I search him online I find next to nothing and next to nothing about the dojang and school does it still even exist in GP Someone answers please sad if the place I began training is not what I had originally thought it to be

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