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Information About East Dragon Karate Academy

MMA Schools Near 07801

East Dragon Karate Academy

58 Bassett Hwy

DOVER, NJ 07801


Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: DO NOT waste your time should not appear when searching for Jiu Jitsu. The instructor cannot even be googled and the school does not even have a website. As a very active student in martial arts of Brazilian JiuJitsu Muay thai kickboxing wrestling and MMA I can tell you from a first hand look that East Dragon Karate Academy is your typical keeping up with the Jones martial arts schools. Since the effectiveness of JiuJitsu has been proven time and time again in real life applications and beating every single martial art style in no holdsbarred sanctioned events the original UFC traditional Taekwondo and karate schools will do everything in their power to justify that they teach MMA or grappling to gain students. DO NOT waste your time and money going and learning how to break pieces of wood with a karate chop or spinning in the air 3 times and kicking someone in the head. It is not realistic to a life or death situation with a fully resisting attacker trying to possibly take your life.

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