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Information About Fight Team LLC. San Shou Kickboxing MMA

MMA Schools Near 33624

Fight Team LLC. San Shou Kickboxing MMA

5555 Linebaugh Ave.

TAMPA, FL 33624



Martial Arts: Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

At FIGHT TEAM we strive to develop a strong sense of family, camaraderie and unity amongst our team. We constantly aspire to get the most out of our training sessions, and bring out the absolute best in our fighters. You will receive individualized, personal attention, and will quickly develop an unwillingness to accept anything less than the best from yourself. Youll find the coach to be motivating, friendly and knowledgeable, and equally as important youll find your teammates to be helpful and encouraging.

Training at FIGHT TEAM is fast paced and high intensity. Youll constantly be challenged physically, as well as mentally. A strong emphasis is placed on keeping training unique and interesting, eliminating the monotony of enduring the exact same training weekin and weekout.

Our style of fighting Chinese Kickboxing is called San Shou, made popular by current middleweight U.F.C./StrikeForce fighter Cung Le and Kickboxing legend Don The Dragon Wilson. Traditional San Shou training encompasses punches, kicks, elbows, knees, sweeps, takedowns, throws and submissions.. Actionpacked fighting! This is an amazing style that will not only develop all of the tools necessary to become a worldclass fighter, but will also forge the body into tiptop physical shape as well as sharpen the mind.

This is also a great fighting style for grapplers and MMA fighters looking to hone their striking and takedown skills, as it includes all of the striking found in Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, as well as all of the takedowns, sweeps and throws found in Judo and Wrestling.

At FIGHT TEAM, we offer expert training for amateur and professional fighters who intend to Go to War in the Ring and/or the Cage, as well as Fight Fitness classes for those simply wanting to reap the benefits that come along with a Fighters training regimen.

We have a fullsize 20 MMA Cage, 10 6 Punching/Kicking Bags, DoubleEnd Timing Balls, Speed Bags, Kick Shields, Thai Pads, Focus Mitts, Belly Pads and 1500sqft of walltowall Grappling Mats.

Training is ONLY 49.99 per month, no contract whatsoever, pay as you go!

At FIGHT TEAM we do not believe in pressure sales!!

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