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Information About South Oahu MMA

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South Oahu MMA

South Beretania



Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

South Oahu MMA SOMMA trains amature fighters to reach their full potential in the cage, ring or on the matt.

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Commment 1: I have been training at SOMMA for about a year and a half now and I have over half a dozen BJJ tournaments under my belt and a winning record thanks to my awesome coaches and team. The SOMMA Team is really an ohana family and each fighter matters. Everyone has a purpose and the coaches are great at identifying and honing in on individual strengths to make the whole crew better.

Commment 2: ChrisThat was really cool I liked the way you pasued to show the specifics that was very helpful I have to admit it was very strange to see you rolling at a time when you the De La Riva guard was new to your game somehow Id always thought you were just born with the De La Riva guard fully developedCant wait to see the next oneCasey

Commment 3: hey tim i saw this too I cant really tell ya why they werent cnaillg it but I got a warning for it once in the purple belt division and Travis actually had a negative advantage because of it This was at the GI worlds At the same time I saw it not being called in a lot of different divisionsbelts So who knowsChris httputyarqidkcom urlhttpgtxhdttqcomgtxhdttqurl linkhttppyibzzqcompyibzzqlink

Commment 4: Aloha Jenny Were happy to hear that you and your family will bea hrefhttpxpjjyhntcom vcintaoainga in Hawaii Unfortunately all ATV tour participants must be years old at the time of the tour As another option you could do the horseback tour which tours through the same areas as the ATVs and is just as popular as the ATV tour Mahalo

Commment 5: We are a family of a hrefhttpmvwkzfgcom coinmga in October from Australia and would like to go on the ATV tourMy youngest daughter will be and mthswill she be able to participate in the tour If we signed parental consent

Commment 6: i have an exterior solid core wdeoon door that slams very easily The whole wall is actually out of plumb tilting towards the outside so the door naturally picks up speed as it closes i realize the true fix should be to reinstall the whole door frame but i am looking for an easier fix for now i really dont want to install a hydraulic type of door closer with a big apparatus and articulating arm so i was hoping you could recommend something that looks nicer thanks jon httpwslbaiycom urlhttpnbnmvnncomnbnmvnnurl linkhttppfkwxhxbmcompfkwxhxbmlink

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