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Information About U S Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Center Inc

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U S Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Center Inc

905 Kingsway Rd



Martial Arts: Taekwondo

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Commment 1: Found your blog entry through bgcrsealohgooglecom interesting thoughts on Yul I think I had read elsewhere but with less detail about Evan Chen A college friends cousin needed a bone marrow transplant fortunately he was able to find a match with no complications I just found out today a friend of mine Helen was in the same class as Yul but didnt know him that well Sounds like from your posting and Helens comments that Yul is quite a gentleman

Commment 2: Of course hes a hrefhttpmlxmwrcomedautceda or course hes smart and of course hes narcissistically obsessed with his abswelcome to Koreatown please dont step off the marked path you will get shot For a Korean guy that little kid sure can shoot the crap out of meIf there is a misconception in the media do you think you can reach middle America by being a good individual role model Are you going to personally show the rest of the world what Asian men are really like No Im just going to show my daughter Yeah I saw that coming a mile away Media is a beast Marketing is powerful Of course Im gonna be my kids biggest rolemodel That is by default sorry kid you too will grow up to work too hard and never be satisfied by any measure of achievement and youll hang with MetroDad and slowly drink up all the Scotch in the world And thank god my kids going to grow up in a diverse community where Asians are not a novelty But it is good very good for a normal Korean guy who for some reason doesnt get to be called Korean to be shown in the media for what he really is Normal Ok ok he is a little abnormal The fact he couldnt solve that damn compass puzzle had me screaming Go Musclehead GO at the TV All Im ranting about is that you cant ignore how Asians are depicted in the media No thats not what Im saying WaitOk what Im really trying to say is that you cannot underestimate the social impact of media representation of a class of people It has a powerful effect At the same time you cannot fight this only by being a great individual Ask those great Americans at Manzanar how well that worked Go ahead ask them It would be nice to live in a world where the guy I got in a fight with the night before Doesnt call the cops over a fair fistfightDoesnt tell the story to his friends as Dude I got in a fight with this little Asian guyNot that I condone middleaged fistfights although they are hilarious But telling a story about the Asian guy should one day be like telling a story about a blonde guy Dude I fought this blonde guy the other day That story sounds ridiculousBlahblahblahblahdamn I hate people who rant All I really wanted to say is that some of us RiceDaddies dont like to be told by you how we should parent And if we really wanted to know what your opinion on the matter was we would start a blog with comments or some crap like thatoh wait Ok sorry Jeremy youre right Im wrong Just messing with you Thank you and pleasecomeagain Ozzie was robbed

Commment 3: Yul is almost too a hrefhttpdxslmzmcncompeefcrta Nice smart handsome buff and full of filial piety Good for him that he won Survivor and hurray that hes a local Bay Area boy and Im happy that there is some discussion going around that he breaks the wimpy asexual Asian male stereotype However I too think this is just a blip there have been other Asian Americans men who have had some fame and discussion surrounding them of breaking the same stereotypes and yet they still remain Russell Wong comes to mind as well as the aforementioned Dustin HEY hes Viet and he has my last name now theres a shock Nguyen I think in some ways the media treats these guys as flukes and actually enhances the model minority stereotype itself I mean what better way to enforce the stereotype and confirm to Americans who buy into them than to have EVERY SINGLE news story surrounding Yul and his win mention that he breaks the typical stereotypes surrounding Asian American men as if there havent been others who have and never fails to note Yul is not only good looking and buff but a model son student person and all around over achiever as wellSo for the stereotypes to truly go away well have to wait for a higher saturation of Asian American hotties in the media Cant wait Including those who arent a hrefhttpdxslmzmcncompeefcrta We need men who are sexy but didnt go to Stanford and maybe even waited some tables Or who didnt necessarily grow up in the typical middle class Asian American existence I mean does anyone ever notice that no one ever mentions where Daniel Dae Kim went to school

Commment 4: Ive read where we are the top arms manufacturing coutrny in the world fact or fiction It seems a very taboo subject this and our Department of Defense which Ive also read is the largest employer in the world Im not looking for boogey men just wondering why its so hushhush a topic if it is in fact true httpyuneujlakcom urlhttpbncgqamiacombncgqamiaurl linkhttpboazqokhcomboazqokhlink

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