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Information About Shaddock MMA

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Shaddock MMA

6345 South Carroll Park




Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA

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Commment 1: xxx

Commment 2: This school has never turned out a successful boxer or fighter. One MMA event in VA they showed with 8 fighters. 7 fought 7 lost their fighters were completely out classed by a bunch of unskilled hack opponents They had to throw the towel in at least once that night. At another event I saw one of their boxers lose due to awful conditioning and poor skill sets. At yet another event in Winchester VA I witnessed another of their mma fighters lose a fight 2 minutes into the first round by standing square in front of his opponent and getting hit with a telegraphed uppercut If it wasnt KO of the night it should have been. He went down and his mouth guard went straight up in the air. The main owner/instructor has weak credentials and has probably opened an MMA academy just to capitalize on the growth of the sport without actually having any real mma fight experience. With other real academies in the area like Lloyd Irvin Yamasaki Ferocity Ground ControlClinch Academy Global all putting out successful fighters why mess with the groupie schools when you can get the real thing? I worked out there on and off for a couple months before realizing that Shaddock just wanted my monthly dues without the ability to grow my skillsets. My money has been better spent elsewhere and yours will be too.

Commment 3: The last comment is unfair. Just because Bones has never fought doesnt mean he isnt a good coach. Its the fighters that lost not the coach.

Commment 4: I come here to do kickboxing and I have already lost so much weight!!! Its the best and fun!

Commment 5: This is a small school but it really lives up to the name. Everyone really works to help each other out and get better together.

Commment 6: I have worked out at Tristar less than a mile away and here. If you push yourself you can get a good workout but you wont pick up any real self defense. This is a fitness school and not a real fighters gym. Any of the local martial arts places can prepare you better for self defense than Shaddock MMA.

Commment 7: Stopped in and watched a few training sessions. Not impressed. Small and dirty. The guys obviously not well skilled. I asked one of the guys how long he had been working out there. He said was over a year and he was getting ready for a fight he looked like a complete novice that would get run over in the first round. The main instructor came in late and was wearing a fannypack. Who wears a fannypack?

Commment 8: I remember they use to say they teach muay thai but when I went so many things were incorrect. I come from a muay thai background just was upset later I see ad on craigslist and see he is trying to find fighters its him again and his website. This time the website doesnt say anything about muaythai and dont promote it anymore. I saw when we was teaching knees lets just say the only thing he got right he picked up him leg.

Commment 9: I worked out there for 3months. Good cardio workouts but Shaddock is only interested in your money. SICS? Try looking that up on google... The fighters cant fight and the trainers have no MMA experience yet they are an MMA school. Robs Hapkido and John Shaddocks Amateur Boxing skills do not make this a fight gym. They are just a couple of has been // never was guys who will put anyone in a cage to get the Shaddock MMA name out.

Commment 10: Looks like one person had a lot of time on their hands and since you dont have to sign in took the time to bash a school and sign in multiple times Probably couldnt pay his dues Sounds like sour grapes Not a bad school at all I would recommend you check it out for yourself

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