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Information About Iron Fist Karate Dojo

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Iron Fist Karate Dojo

2227 State Rd



Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: Hello on the videos listed above videos of Iron Fist Karate Dojo are listed Okinawa GoshukanRyu Iron Body training drills.
These videos were recorded at the Okinawa GoshukanRyu Karate Columbus Dojo in Columbus Georgia. The videos are not affiliated with Iron Fist Karate Dojo.

Commment 2: I agree with your comment above and you may feel it is not representing the Iron Fist Karate Dojo however i believe the reason for the post is to show the style of karate that is being offered at the dojo. In no way do I think the site is trying to misrepresent anyone. I took karate with Iron Fist for many years and the videos above were the forms that were being taught to students. There are many styles of karate and these videos happen to be the style that is studied at Iron Fist. In no way do I think the instructor is implying that these are his students. Just simply showing the style he teaches. Maybe the school should consider some of there own students recording a video to represent the school better but until then I see no problem with showing these videos. It does list the names of the videos so anyone can see that it did not come from the dojo. Last but not least i must say the passion the instructor of Iron Fist has for karate is extraordinary.This is a man who lives breaths and bleeds karate and treats his students as if they were his own children with dignity respect and most importantly disapline...which too many young children today do not have!!!

Commment 3: My name is Garry Parker Owner of the Columbus Dojo. I am the International Director for Okinawa GoshukanRyu Karate and the Iron Fist Dojo is misrepresenting themselves by using our copyright protected video clips lifted from youtube as they are not affiliated with our system or association nor do they practice our system of Okinawa GoshukanRyu.
You may only share our videos with prior written consent and with proper credit given to the source.

Garry Parker
Chief Instructor
Columbus Dojo

US DirectorOkinawa GoshukanRyu KarateDo Kyoukai
PresidentInternational Okinawa GoshukanRyu Karate Association.

August 09 2012

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