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Information About Lee's Tae Kwon Do

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Lee's Tae Kwon Do

26771 Portola Pkwy



Martial Arts: Taekwondo

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Commment 1: My son trained at this school for a long time. The school emphasizes discipline as one of their selling points but its all false. There is no emphasis no discipline once the contract is signed and they have your money. At a competition I watched in horror as Master Lee actually helped the students who obviously were not prepared. He made sure the judges awarded these students first place trophies while the kids who did very well were left wondering why. I saw one competition with just two kids headtohead. The first kid completed his routine without a hitch. The second kid goofed around didnt even bow to the judges and Master Lee had the judges give him first place. It was a joke.

Commment 2: It sounds like your child needs to train more to get that trophy you want and you need need your optical prescription checked. Your insight to the studio is very poor.

Commment 3: My daughter and my son used to train in this school they then transfered to a real martial arts school. Lees TKD is a McDoyang anyone can be a black belt just pay every month pay your tresting fee and you will get your black belt. Go see the black belt class cand you will see what I mean kids can not kick and cannot do easy turning kicks are wearing a black belt. Comment 2 person you dont get it no matter how hard you train in this school you wont get better this school is a joke. Do any of the kids in this school have State or National titles like the other schools in OC? I dont think so.

Commment 4: Im sorry but i must disagree with you on some areas of your comment. Lees Tae Kwon Do is a real studio and certainly not a McDojang. I can assure you that Master Lee and the instructors are qualified. However in some areas i do somewhat agree with you. This school is a business in the end every martial arts place is in the end. This is Master Lees job he needs to make money like anybody else. So therefore he must promote kids and try to make class fun. However if Master Lee feels you are not capable he will not make you a black belt. In the end you get out of this studio what you put into it.

Commment 5: My son use to go to this joke of a school and I would agree with comment 3 the black belt class is awful kids who are wearing black belt that cant do their forms correctly and kicks like a yellow belt. My son goes to another school now and is learning real taekwondo and he may not be a black belt yet but at least he will earn his black belt and not pay for it like the kids at Lees.

Commment 6: Yes it is a business and you have to ask yourself is my kid getting anything from the 130 that I am spending every month. For this studio the answer is without a doubt a NO. He does not even show up to class anymore and the young instructors do all the work while you end up paying all that money for a mediocre martial arts lesson. This guy is a disgrace to the martial arts that he presumably teaches.

Commment 7: My daughter went to this place a few years back it is a waste of time and money. If you want your child doing jumping contest which I still dont know what it has to do with martial arts go right ahead but if you want your child to learn taekwondo then go somewhere.

Commment 8: We availed the promo from this school of weeks for a few months ago and after weeks my year old son was not able to learn anything from this TKD school except jumping jacks Before the weeks the office girl talked to us about moving forward with my sons training we were told to sign a contract for year or years for or do a monthly fee of Now the classes are for minutes and times weeks hours a week which is a little much for what they teach Here did dont correct basic mistakes in stances I did karate when I was younger and your stances is the most important fundamentals that you need in doing kicks and punches the forms training here is very bad They dont teach the correct way to kick or how to block Training at lees is not good i you want to invest your kids time or your money

Commment 9: My kids have been going to this tkd school for years This school has a great family enviroment They have made great friends here They have learned much more than just kicking and punching They have learned respect discipline focus patience and best of all a genuine love of this sport I do see kids goofing off during class but they are always gently corrected by the instructors I have also seen far too many parents complaining that their kids should be testing when it is obvious that they are not ready These are the same parents who coddle their kids during and after class So I guess from my observations Id say you get out of the program what you put into it I believe that signing my kids up for tkd here is the best thing I ever did for them

Commment 10: Lees TKD please dont cheat in the JKI TKD Fest or any USAT event by changing belts from black to colored if you dont want your athletes embarrassed Fair warning the USA taekwondo community have been informed Master C Team Intense

Commment 11: They cheat wow But the slogan on the wall state Honest Mind how ironic Thank you whoever posted the comment

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