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Information About World Class Karate

MMA Schools Near 31545

World Class Karate

1065 W Cherry St

JESUP, GA 31545


Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: I attended this traditional Shotokan School for 8 years. Its truly one of the best around teaching basic to advanced Karateand basic level Jujitsu and Judo all for goal of defense of ones self and loved ones. I know of 3 people he expelled from the school for using what he taught as a way to bully others.
Many American schools halfass the training but this school is no joke. I once heard a guy from Brunswick complaining about how hard his black belt test was saying it lasted 5 hours. I laughed at him because at Corky Sikes World Class Karate thats how long a yellow belt3rd of 11 total belttest is. My brown belt test lasted 14 hours. I arrived at 8 am and left at 10 pm. The black belts went until midnight.
My only complaints are it was pretty expensive compared to other places and for a few years the school did suffer because of a messy divorce the Owner/Sensei seemed lethargic and apathetic while teaching classes which is understandable but he had a full staff of qualified instructors that he probably should have put in charge during his troubled times which did have a direct effect on training.
All in all its a great school for learning REAL karate. They teach the ability to use tremendous force with the discipline not to ever use it without it truly being necessary. They also teach when enough is enough such as never striking a downed opponentIve seen a school that taught to stomp on a downed opponent head after they were unconsciousand not chasing down a fleeing attacker.

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