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Information About Wright’s Extreme Martial Arts

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Wright’s Extreme Martial Arts

210 Henderson Dr




Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA

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Commment 1: school is more about money than training

Commment 2: every idoit that has no concept of business makes statements like that. All businesses are about the money. This probably comes from someone that cant afford the dues or that wanted to cancel and not fulfill their end of the agreement. Hell the owner is still fighting training teaching and cornering his students. No other school in jville has instructors like that

Commment 3: I dont know what the two comments are all about but I know I was paying 197 per month at another school where I live for my beginner course for two days per week and now my whole family gets to train 7 days a week if we want to for 125 per month. We are also learning more than just karate.

Commment 4: Highest level of training period.

Commment 5: JC Davis is my boxing coach and he coach the all Marine Corps team. I dont do karate but the boxing is great and Mr. Tommy is great too. Havent seen coach wright box but his jew jitsu is good from what i understand

Commment 6: This school has made great improvements on my kids. They are doing so much better in school and at home. I dont have to tell them to do their house work or home work anymore they do it on their own. They are more respectful and confident. I love what this school has done for them and for me. I highly recommend you check this place out first. You wont be dissapointed.

Commment 7: This school has some of the most experience trainers in the county. JC Davis has over 50yrs of boxing experience he even trained 2 guys that defeated the legendary Mohammed Ali Norton and Fraser and then landed a career working at the Ali Camp right after he retired from the USMC. Sensei Wright has over 30 yrs of Martial Arts Multiple black belts in different systems. His daughter has over 10yrs of experience. I believe shes a 2nd degree black belt and is the among the 2 youngest to have that title ever in Kempo. Ive met serveral other trainers that have tons of experience. Its one of the best schools in Onslow county. if you get to train just with JC Davis dont you think its worth the money? I mean cmon he trained with Ali!! He trained Norton and Fraser to defeat Ali...and comment 1 wants to complain its all about the money? really? this school is well worth it its family oriented too... I know they have over 250 students in both locations so obviously its not all about the money...

Commment 8: I believe shes a 2nd degree black belt and is the among the 2 youngest to have that title ever in Kempo.

You should know. Its your daughter.

Commment 9: My husband joined the gym deployed for eight months. When he gave them the paper work they agreed to do a free 8 months. Stopped the automatic scheduled payments. Did not contact me through USPS. Sent us to a debt collector and is now charging us 2800.00. My husband is still deployed. Very upset with how the company deals with their paying customers!

Commment 10: The worst place in Jacksonville. Will never go back destroys family life and cares only for the money not the people.

Commment 11: wow first time seeing this page lots of comments full range of compliments and complaints. THis is the owner James Wright. Comment number 9 is your own fault. I run a business and I have a billing company that collects tuition If it is true that your husband deployed all he had to do is send the billing company his orders when he left then they just cancel the agreement. It is a simple process. If you do not do this then they will continue to collect. Forums like this are unfair and cruel. About you should know its your daughter just rude. Bottom line if you are interested in training you should check out the schools. I have train students that have reached the countries highest levels of competition. NO other school in Jacksonville has accomplished half of what the school has done. None the less the MMA and BJJ portion of the school has been turned over to Mid Atlantic MMA so rude comments about myself dont even apply. We now have 6 active training and teaching BJJ black Belts in the school. No one else in the area has a black belt. BTW my daughter is now a third degree black belt and very accomplished at that. We are part of New Union. Just a side note 4 schools in the Jacksonville area got their start at Wrights.

Commment 12: this is the owner again. comment number one is common across the country thanks comment number 2 Im gussing you own a school. as the owner I will gladly admit I want to make money. I have spent many months without a paycheck I have lived in my storage room I have struggled to keep the doors open I have competed for 30 of my 34 years of training. Yes I would like my business to make money and so does my staff of 9 professional martial artist because without it we would not have a gym to train at.

Commment 13: Stop talking to yourself James

Commment 14: cool place had a falling out with it but a nice facility Combat Club is where I plan to train now

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