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Information About Seibu Kan Karate Studio

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Seibu Kan Karate Studio

1420 North Ave



Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: SeibuKan? Im not familiar with this discipline or style. Ive trained in the BudoKan and used to be very familiar with the Japanese and Okinawan arts. I am a NiDan in ShotoKanDo JKAa ShoDan in AikiDo and am a shoDan in KoKanDo as well. ost of these I attained while stationed in both Japan and Okinawa while with the 3rd Marine Division. Please enlighten me in the history of ths art. Thank you.

Commment 2: Ah ShorinRyu I am extremely familiar with as well as GojuRyu etc. SeibuKan was unfamiliar to me as many Shihan branched off from their clans or dojo. thank you I just answered my previous question.

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